Stardew Valley Publisher’s New Harry Potter-Like RPG Now Has A Name

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Chucklefish, the publisher of the beloved farming sim Stardew Valley, has announced a name for its upcoming magical school RPG. The mysterious title formerly known as Project Spellbound has now been christened WitchBrook.

Chucklefish CEO Finn Brice announced the game's new name on Twitter. While he didn't reveal any other new information about the title, he did share an image of it with its new logo, which you can take a look at below.

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Chucklefish has thus far shared very few details about WitchBrook, but it's quickly become one of the publisher's most intriguing projects, due in large part to its premise. The game has been described as "Stardew meets Harry Potter," with players assuming the role of a student at a magic school.

In addition to the main story, WitchBrook will feature dating sim elements and other activities for players to do. Chucklefish also says the game's combat system was inspired by 2D Legend of Zelda games, except that players will wield magic spells rather than a sword and shield.

Chucklefish hasn't announced a release date for WitchBrook, but Brice says the game is "still quite a way off." The title has currently only been announced for PC, but given Stardew Valley's appearance on other platforms, it seems likely that WitchBrook will follow suit sometime down the line.

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