Sea Of Thieve Launch Errors: CinnamonBeard Server Issue, Not Getting Gold, More

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It's release day for Sea of Thieves. Although it had a gradual rollout in various markets around the world, it's now available everywhere, and many players are reporting issues getting online to play on Xbox One and PC, among other problems. Rare has acknowledged the troubles and says it's working to resolve them.

One of the more common problems is an error code called CinnamonBeard. This can pop up when trying to log in and will not let you get online, thereby rendering the game unplayable (or preventing you from joining a group). This was something we also saw during pre-release tests at times, and Rare confirmed it "indicates server capacity issues." In other words, the game's servers can't keep up with demand as too many people are trying to get online.

A support page for the game indicates that your best bet when presented with the CinnamonBeard or BronzeBeard error codes is to quit out of the game completely and relaunch it. That's not guaranteed to resolve the problem, but it is nonetheless worth a try. [Update: Rare has said that it's "temporarily suspending new players joining the game" in order to address the ongoing issues. There's no word on when new people can get online, but that's the reason you may see the error screen below.]

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"We've got A LOT of eager pirates playing Sea of Thieves right now and due to this some of you may experience issues," the official Twitter account said today. "Our engineers are working hard to investigate and alleviate them." This was followed by a subsequent tweet stating, "We're still hard at work working on issues affecting players trying to connect to the game as a top priority. We'll provide updates when we have them!"

Separately, Rare has confirmed that some players are loading into the game and finding they have no items, gold, or clothing, or that they aren't receiving gold/reputation rewards after finishing a quest. The developer said it's working on this, though there is a workaround that or may or may not work. "Currently the only method of resolving this issue is to exit to main menu & matchmake back into the game. In extreme cases this may need to be done multiple times," a support page states. "The gold and reputation rewards should merely be delayed (can take a while to come through)."

Another, lesser issue of note is a missing pre-order bonus for the Black Dogs pack. In a tweet, Rare said that if you pre-ordered after January 26, the DLC won't be automatically granted to you. Instead, it will be sent through an Xbox Live message that should arrive "soon."

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