Nintendo Switch On Sale For $247 Today

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For a limited time, you can snag a Nintendo Switch for relatively cheap. It's thanks to a pretty decent regular price combined with a hefty Ebay coupon code. The AntOnline Ebay shop prices the Switch at $289.99. Today Ebay is offering a coupon code for 15% off a single purchase of $25 or more, bringing the price down to a cool $247.

The coupon code "PSPRINGTIME" is only valid until 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET tonight, and AntOnline's stock is limited, so be sure to take advantage of it quickly if you want the discount. The discount can only take up to $50 off a single item, so this deal is about as much of a discount as you can get. You can see full details of the Ebay coupon code here.

It's been a good week for springtime video game sales. Just yesterday Target introduced a similar 15% off coupon through its Cartwheel app, which brought the PS4 Pro down to $340. That deal is good through March 31. The retailer is also offering a Buy One Get One 50% Off sale on a wide variety of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games, and a similar BOGO 50% Off sale on Switch games with the purchase of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Those sale prices are effective through March 24.

The Switch has been a huge success for Nintendo, thanks in part to a steady stream of ports from the lower-selling Wii U and a massive collection of indies. Nintendo just showcased some more upcoming "Nindies" today in a video presentation, and you can see all the new trailers in our roundup.

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