Nintendo Switch Eshop Sale On Recent Square Enix Games

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Square Enix is holding a sale on Nintendo's Eshop, offering discounts on several Switch and 3DS games, including a few surprisingly recent ones. The headliner of the group is Lost Sphear, which released less than two months ago. It is discounted to $35 from the usual $50.

Each of the other games are a full 50% off. Those include I Am Setsuna ($20), Spelunker Party ($15), Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call ($20), and Final Fantasy Explorers ($20). These prices are available until next Thursday, March 22, at 8:59 AM PT.

We had a lukewarm reaction to Lost Sphear, having enjoyed the strategic combat options but finding it too overstuffed with busywork. It was the second retro throwback from Square's new Tokyo RPG Factory, after I Am Setsuna–which had similar ups and downs. The standout of the group on the GameSpot scale is Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, which we felt was a charming and unique tribute to the series' iconic music.

Other current deals and discounts include a 50% off sale on Super Mario Run to celebrate Mario Day, half off Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, and Tachyon Project for $8. You can see the full line-up of games on sale across the Switch and 3DS Eshop here.

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