March’s Pokemon Go Community Day Exclusive Event Move Revealed

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The next Pokemon Go Community Day is right around the corner. Ahead of the event, developer Niantic has shared more details about what bonuses players will have a chance to get, including the exclusive move for this month's featured Pokemon.

The next Community Day takes place on Sunday, March 25. As detailed on the official Pokemon Go website, the event will run during a specific three-hour window of time, kicking off at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET and concluding at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET. During those hours, players will earn triple the normal amount of XP for capturing Pokemon, and Lure modules will last for three hours.

In addition to those bonuses, players will encounter increased spawns of the Grass-type starter Bulbasaur, which is the featured Pokemon for this month's Community Day. However, as was the case with last month's event, Bulbasaur won't be able to learn the exclusive Community Day move; rather, its final evolution, Venusaur, can, provided you're able to evolve it during the event.

If players manage to evolve Ivysaur into Venusaur before Community Day ends, the Pokemon will learn the powerful Grass-type attack Frenzy Plant. This applies to any Ivysaur you own, even those that were obtained prior to the event. However, the Pokemon will only learn Frenzy Plant if it evolves during the event hours, giving you only a brief window of time to get the exclusive move.

In the meantime, a new Legendary Pokemon is now available in Pokemon Go. From now until April 2, players have another chance to capture Lugia, the Legendary Psychic- and Flying-type originally from Pokemon Gold and Silver. This time, Lugia knows the "newly improved" Flying move Sky Attack, but if players are able to successfully bring it down, it should be much easier to capture than before.

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