How to get the best Amazon Prime Day deals today and tomorrow

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Amazon Prime Day is now up and running in most territories, with the US set to get in on the action in just a few hours. So how can you find your way to the best Prime Day deals this year?

Browsing direct to Amazon is not often the best way for a number of reasons. Firstly, Amazon’s site is famous for being very hard to navigate – it relies heavily on users searching on site or landing from Google rather than browsing. And secondly, Amazon is obviously always going to be pushing the products it makes the most margin on the hardest.

In the UK for example, Amazon is putting its own Echo, Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick front and centre, along with a Bosch cordless drill, a Philips electric toothbrush, Fitbit Charge 2, a Philips Lumea body hair removal device and so forth.

It’s no accident that these products are so prominently featured – Amazon thinks it’ll make more money from these products through a combination of margin and popularity.

So how can you make sure you actually find the best products rather than the things Amazon is more keen to sell you? Here are five tips:

1. Check out our deals roundups!

We’ve got teams working around the clock pulling out the best products and best deals in the Prime Day sales. The goal is to help you get to the deals you’ll be most happy with, and we’ve divided our pages by product category so no matter whether you’re after Prime Day TV deals, laptops deals, smart speakers or anything else – we’re here to help.

2. Check out our reviews

TechRadar reviews hundreds of popular tech products every year. So obviously if you aren’t sure whether that thing you’re looking at is any good, check for a review. Use Google to find out what expert opinions are out there (hey, TechRadar can’t review every product in the world) and check out customer reviews as well. If a product has lots of happy customers that’s a great sign. If there are hardly any user reviews available or if they seem to be quite negative, steer clear.

3. Go for known brands

This is true in any product category, from sports gear to baby products and toys to gaming and fashion – but it’s particularly true in tech. With so many Chinese brands out there churning out reasonably priced tech items it can be hard to spot the products you’re going to be able to rely on. By sticking to brands you’ve heard of and have some trust in, you minimise the chances of being disappointed with your purchase.

4. Know your rights!

It’s always important to know your rights! You are entitled to return items you’re not happy with so there’s always a safety net if you’re wondering whether to take a chance.

5. Shop around!

Just because there’s a Prime Day deal happening, doesn’t mean it’s the best deal out there on that product. Check the other big online stores for prices – it’s a good way to get a gauge on how strong each deal is. And of course in our deals roundups we’re not featuring any deals which are available at a better price elsewhere! So if you want to guarantee yourself a great deal, stick with TechRadar!

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