Sony Xperia 1

After months of waiting, the Sony Xperia 1 is now available to pre-order in the UK. It’ll be coming out towards the end of May and has the potential to be Sony’s best phone yet. Here is our [...]


What is the JVC DLA-N7? The JVC DLA-N7 is the company’s latest native 4K D-ILA projector, and one of the first to even approach affordability. The N7 costs £8499 – but if that sounds expensive, [...]

Aorus 15 X9

What is the Aorus 15 X9? The Aorus 15 X9 is a new machine from Gigabyte’s specialist gaming brand, and it takes a different approach to the offshoot’s previous devices. Aorus systems of past have [...]

Huawei Mate X

We’ve finally had the chance to hold and just about fold the Huawei Mate X. Here are our early thoughts on one of the first folding phones around.The Mate X took MWC 2019 by storm when it was [...]